TRANSMISEVILLA, S. L. is a Seville company founded in 1982, specializing in reparation of gearboxes of industrial and trade vehicles, as well as of their pumps and hydraulic steering. Besides, it offers after sales technical assistance, through reconstruction, interchange, maintenance and selling of original spare parts and full sets. It is official Concessionaire and After Sales Technical Service in Andalusia and Extremadura of the main most important brands in the manufacture of gearboxes for self-propulsion, with which it keeps technological transfer contracts of all its sets through its head offices and representatives in Spain, to be distributed, installed or repaired in the influence area of TRANSMISEVILLA, S.L.:

  • Z.F. FRIEDRICHSHAFEN. (Manufacturer of gearboxes, axles and balance gears, steering and hydraulic pumps, etc.)
  • VOITH TURBO (automatic gearboxes for city buses and hydrodynamic retarders for the transport sector.)
  • ALLISON TRANSMISSION (automatic gearboxes destined both for city and four-wheel drive uses)
  • EATON y FULLER (transmissions for Self-propulsion)
  • CLARK y DANA (components of the powertrain of Off-Highway special vehicles.)
  • TRW – TRUCK STEERING (hydraulic steering for goods vehicles).

In the local market it represents the brand VDO, in charge of the installation, revision and calibration of tachographs of industrial vehicles. It equally work with other prestigious brands, such as TELMA RETARDER, KUWOTA (Motor Division) etc. As Official Technical Service, TRANSMISEVILLA, S.L. enjoys a high prestige among its clients, divided between carriers, brand concessionaires, reparation workshops and spare parts stores.

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