Transmisevilla offers its clients a fast service of reparation and interchange of its products to avoid the excessive stoppage of the vehicle and to favour that the client can continue with his tasks as soon as possible.


We have enough gearboxes from interchange of different brands of industrial vehicles.

The interchange consists in:

  • Assessing the damaged gearbox and give the client a reconditioned gearbox width the same characteristics.
  • Advance of a gearbox width the seam characteristics to the client while waiting for the delivery of the damaged gearbox.

The reparation process consists in:


  • Cleaning of all the elements that are in good conditions assess of the condition of the affected elements.
  • Assess of the condition of the affected elements.


  • This phase is performed following the guidelines the original reparation manuals demand.
  • The las modifications or updating of the product recommended by the manufacturer are added to the process.


The operation tests are performed in test benches designed on the matter, carrying out a complete series of test phases until the product meets the demands of the manufactures’s official test protocol.


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