ZF offers today other alternatives: double clutch modules and automation for mechanical gearboxes, automatic 4, 5, 6 and 8 gear changes and continuous boxes. The specifications are in keeping with each specific vehicle (concepts of front, rear, and 4 x 4 wheel drives are made with manual, sequential and automatic gearboxes), and at the same time each driver can individualize its dynamics and comfort grade using the options the vehicle offers:

The ZF automatic gearboxes used by most vehicle manufacturers in the world as.

Transmisevilla, como distribuidor y servicio oficial post-venta de la gama de productos ZF, pone a disposición de profesionales del sector y clientes finales los siguientes servicios relacionados con los vehículos automóviles.


  • Repair ZF automatic gearbox
  • Repair mechanical gearboxes and sequential. (See available models)
  • Sale of Original Spare parts for ZF automatic gearboxes



Sale of automatic transmissions swap new or refurbished by ZF

Our exchange gearboxes are guaranteed one year minimum and two years maximum,without kilometres limit, providing the long lasting oil recommended in our list of oils have been used. (see technical information section).


  1. Repair ZF automatic gearbox
  2. Repair mechanical gearboxes and sequential. (See available models.)
  3. Full service involves the diagnosis of the fault, disassembly of the vehicle gearbox, repair and subsequent installation in the vehicle.
  4. Regular oil changes.

Also automatic transmission repair all makes both European and American. (See models available.)

Groups differentials, transfer boxes, variable multitronic for leading brands such as Mercedes, VAG group, PSA, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Renault, etc..

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