TRANSMISEVILLA is a sevillian company founded in 1982, specializing in the repair of gearboxes of commercial and commercial vehicles, as well as pumps and hydraulic addresses thereof. In addition, it offers after sales technical assistance, through reconstruction, exchange, maintenance, sale of original spare parts and complete sets. It is also a Type III Tachograph Technical Center.

The company wants to establish the principles and guidelines in relation to the management of excellence, Quality, the integration of Sustainability and continuous improvement as one of the fundamental values of the organization.

With the aim of responding to current and future challenges, we integrate within the framework of our mission, vision and values ​​a clear orientation towards the improvement of Quality and the improvement of environmental performance, both in aspects related to productive processes and in Innovation and development of products and services.

In this context, TRANSMISEVILLA undertakes to:

  • The Leadership of the Management and the entire organization with quality management, safety and health at work and the environment as a way not only to meet customer expectations, but to constantly improve their level of satisfaction.
  • Promote actions towards the implementation of tools to identify, assess, control, reduce and eliminate
    risks that may affect the quality of our products and services, taking into account the reduction of
    consumption of natural resources, raw materials and energy resources, adopting practices sustainable
    in the processes. For this purpose, all the systems, resources and technologies necessary to achieve the
    established objectives and goals are planned and managed with efficiency criteria.
  • Adopt the principles of continuous improvement to ensure the quality of our products and services, as well as the reduction and minimization of any environmental impact that can be identified. For this, objectives, action plans and training are established. Key indicators for performance evaluation are documented taking into consideration the context of the organization, the needs and expectations of the stakeholders.
  • Ensure the adequacy and compliance with all legal, technical and other requirements that the organization subscribes. Guaranteeing continuous improvement through the systematic and periodic evaluation of our Management Systems taking into account possible internal and / or external changes that could affect us.
  • Control and continuously improve the strategic processes by integrating the variable sustainability and Quality, plans and projects of facilities and / or activities, or in the modification of existing ones in order to ensure the quality of the products or services provided and the environmental commitment, as well as the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Promote the internal and external communication, as well as the active participation of employees as a way to brief them on the various aspects of quality management system.

To ensure compliance with these objectives, management assumes the commitment to implement, document and maintain a Quality and Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001, PECAL 2110, UNE-EN ISO 14001 and UNE 66102 as tools to promote continuous improvement at all levels.

This Policy applies to all activities and centers of the company. This statement is do I spread all members of the organization, so that it is understood and taken into account in daily activities, and also be available for companies and stakeholders.